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Mentoring and candidate lists for Black post professionals

The Young Black Composers Initiative (YBC) is a pre-collegiate sync education program whose mission is to get young black musicians interested in composing for TV and Film.

Membership program for working BIPOC Composers

A holistic approach to hiring underrepresented talent.

An organization dedicated to identifying and qualifying top black creative talent for the American TV & Film industry. They are the qualified solution in the LA Market connected with education, to help introduce the industry to Black candidates.

Music industry professionals working within the system for change.

BMAC is an advocacy organization formed to address systemic racism within the music business. Their Coalition advocates on behalf of Black artists, songwriters, producers, managers, agents, executives, lawyers and other passionate industry professionals.

1IN4 is an intersectional coalition of disabled creatives currently working in Hollywood focused on long-term institutional shifts to increase employment and authentic representation of disabled people.


You can also check out groups like the Guild of Music Supervisors, Sync This, and Sync to Change if you are working in the sync industry and looking to connect with groups on their initiatives.


We hope this list will continue to grow. If you know of or work with an organization that you would like added to this list, please email with the info!