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We've partnered with Dewey Parker to facilitate short term paid projects for students and recent grads


If you work in the sync world and are looking to hire intern- and entry level workers for short term projects, click here to get more info on how a Dewey Parker Micro-Internship could find you the right candidate


Are you a current student or recent grad looking to expand your knowledge and skillset with a short term project - and make a little extra money while doing it? Consider joining Dewey Parker to search for open Diversity In Sync positions

Internships & Mentorships: What We Do
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The Diversity in Sync crew is working hard to navigate the legalities of managing an internship program and we are looking forward to launching! If you or your company is interested in offering an internship, please fill out the form with your information so we can keep you posted when the time comes.


We are also setting up infrastructure to offer mentorships. Please sign up below if you would like to become a mentor and we will update you when we have more information!

In the meantime, we recommend the Guild of Music Supervisors mentorship opportunities.

Internships & Mentorships: Get Involved
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